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It is the capital of Tocantins, has a privileged location, in the northern region, right in the center of Brazil.


Brazil as one of the TOP destination for retirement overseas

With a verifiable income of +US$2,000 per month to retire in Brazil, one of the most exotic, beautiful and diverse countries in the world. Its beaches, people, and cuisine will enchant you! According to the World Happiness Report from 2017, Brazil is 22nd happiest country in the world.


How to obtain Residency status for your relatives/family in Brazil

When relocating to another country, one element that is a key fact to individuals that wish to apply for Permanent Residency is to be able to set up in the new home country without any complication regarding legal matters, including the possibility to have his family together with him, in a moment that he will need a support, safety and comfort that only familiar basis can provide to him.


The effects of New Immigration Law on brazilian scenario

The New Immigration Law 13.445/2017 went into effect November 2017 succeeding formally the Statute of Foreigner Statute Law’ (Law 6.815/1980) from 1980, in outline the new legislation has established a new legal system for foreigners in Brazil, created new types and characteristics for allowable visas, extended the coverage stipulations for the temporary visa, introduced a new authorization for residence and equalized in terms of rights the status of a immigrant and national in the country.


Brazilian passport: The facilities and benefits it brings to you

Travel without restrictions and without bureaucracy is the expectation of every person, to know new places, meet people and their cultures. Brazilian citizens has visa-free or visa on arrival access to more than 150 countries and territories, ranking the Brazilian passport 18th in terms of travel freedom according to the 2017 Henley visa restrictions index.


Understanding how to get a Brazilian Investor Visa

Do you want to get a Brazilian investor visa but have fears of tackling the country’s famed bureaucracy? Fear not, the process of obtaining an investor visa, contrary to what many might think, is actually not an over-the-top stressful, pull your hair out type of procedure. It is a relatively straightforward, albeit more expensive alternative to getting permanent residency in the country. of procedure. It is a relatively straightforward, albeit more expensive alternative to getting permanent residency in the country.


How to get a Permanent Resident in the most welcoming country

How important is the hospitality of a people when deciding which country to move to? It may or may not be a deciding factor depending on the circumstances. However, regardless of its weight on a decision, hospitality can make the assimilation process much easier. One of the destinations for these migrants is Brazil and something that Brazilians like to pride themselves on is their hospitality towards foreigners. It’s all too natural for most Brazilian to be willing to lend a helping hand to foreigners in their country. They are very communicative with foreigners and are always concerned with trying to make them feel welcomed.

Case Study

Ahmed Barnawi Serviços de Investimento LTDA

Mr. Ahmed started coming to Brazil more often because of this apartment and he felt like he might want to stay for an extended period and didn’t want to depend on a tourist visa for this. Therefore, he has all his investments managed by the legal entity, he has permanent residency status and can stay in Brazil for as long as he wants. He was also the first person in Saudi Arabia to get the permanent residency in Brazil.