Make a presence with a Local Representation

In some circumstances, sustaining the increased overheads of having to open a Brazilian company may not be viable for a company entering the Brazilian market. Instead, it may be an advantage to simply have a representative team on the ground. This is particularly the case for companies that want to conduct international sales into Brazil or establish trading and distribution partners.

On their behalf, Establish Brazil can hire, train and supervise a company representative or a sales team in Brazil. The employees would be trained, supervised and legally employed by us to comply with Brazilian law, while at the same time they are primarily under our client’s management and the entire process is designed to meet up to our client’s specific requirements.

With the close supervision and participation of our clients, our services in this field include:

  • Recruitment, which includes:
  • Job advertisement.
  • Curriculum’s examination.
  • Interviewing process.
  • Training.
  • Supervising.
  • Monthly management.
  • Regular reports.

What we can accomplish with you:


Enter the market quickly and efficiently, whilst maximizing results.

Market Exploration

Gain further knowledge before committing to a subsidiary and full office infrastructure.


Build a managed office environment for local employees.

More Freedom

Avoid fixed overheads in terms of office leases and entity management!