Interim management & Corporate Secretarial

We offer a wide range of business management services for your company through any of the steps of the process for establishing a company in Brazil.Our extended network of key persons along with our vast experience in the incorporation process in Brazil enables useful shortcuts to optimize time and resources for your business.
All while keeping our clients closely informed of the management status.

Unraveling the brazilian taxes

The Brazilian taxation system is one of the most perplexingly complicated systems in the world, proving itself a challenging obstacle to Brazilians and foreigners alike. According to the World Bank, it takes on average 2.600 hours a year for a small-mid size company to prepare and pay its taxes in Brazil as of 2014; In comparison, it takes 358 hours in China and 187 hours in the USA under the same conditions.

Considering this, Establish Brazil offers many services to leave our clients assured that they won’t have any major problems due to the complexity of this system as our professional accountants take care of the large amount of bureaucracy involved in the calculation and payment processes in Brazil.

Brazil Investor Visa

What Establish does for you:

  • Servicing Office Services:
  • Prestigious Commercial Address
  • Mail collecting
  • Mail processing and forwarding: sending and receiving
  • Dedicated Brazilian phone number
  • Bilingual live receptionist & Personalized answering
  • Use of Conference room
  • Assigned Dedicated Desk
  • On-Demand Administrative Support

  • Accounts Receivable:
  • First-Party
  • -Third-Party
  • -Litigation
  • Issuing Nota Fiscal // NF-e, NFS-e, CT-e
  • NF-e Withholding tax Identification
  • Issuing of non-registered Boleto(s) Bancario(s)
  • Issuing of ND, disbursements/debt note (Nota de dĂ©bito))
  • Credit Control
  • Enforcing contract, Extrajudicial recovery
  • Enforcing contract, Juridical recovery
  • Accounts Payables:
  • Proofreading NFe/Invoice payable
  • Payment order/Invoice Recording
  • Withholding tax identification and calculation
  • Invoice Payment & Reconciliation
  • Payment confirmation -on cloud- recording
  • Compliance with Internal Policies & External Regulations
  • Bank Account Administration
  • Processing of balance and checking account statements
  • Processing of service providers’/vendors’ payments and transfers
  • Registration of service provider for recurring payments
  • Setting up of Business Internet banking ID(s)
  • Setting up the authorization matrix
  • Setting up/Amending user's access rights
  • Setting up portfolio limits
  • General Ledger Integration
  • Remittance of Dividend:
  • Preparing and Producing Balance Sheet, P&L accounts
  • Record of Minutes of Meetings of the Board of Directors
  • Payment of dividends Meeting Minutes Registration
  • Central Bank registration of Dividends payable
  • Exchange Bank negotiation & Purchasing of Foreign currency
  • Generate RDE -IED (Foreign Direct Investment)

  • Review and maintenance of statutory registers as required by law
  • Advising & Assisting with company legislation
  • Compliance Coaching
  • Legal entity Quota-holders monitoring
  • Basic Due diligence (credit check) on client or service provider
  • Certificate of Good Standing- Federal Revenue
  • Certificate of Good Standing- Municipal
  • Certificate of Good Standing- State
  • Certificate of Good Standing- FĂłrum Central
  • Clearance Certificate - Securities Tax //CCM
  • Certificate of Good Standing - Social Security //ISS
  • Certificate of Good Standing - Indemnity Fund //FGTS
  • Certificate of Good Standing - Union