Market Research & Opportunity Assessment

With a large, middle class that’s rapidly expanding, the Brazilian economy is bursting with business opportunities. But the complex nature of Brazil’s social, geographical, and commercial infrastructure make it imperative that companies do their homework before entering the local market.

Establish Brazil can provide in-depth market research analysis, designed to provide insight into the suitability of your product or service for the Brazilian market, as well as into the strategies that will allow your business to respond effectively to the needs of that market.

Some of the many factors our analyses address, include:

  • Market Size and Customer Potential
  • Competitor and Territory Analysis
  • Pricing Considerations
  • Import Duties, Customs, and Tax Analysis
  • Distribution Structure Options

In addition to general market research, we can also help those companies looking to establish business partnerships in Brazil. Our experienced consultants will find, manage, and cultivate the right partner, supplier, or distributor relationships for your venture while performing a full-scale evaluation of potential business prospects.

Whether your goal is to identify a new growth opportunity or to assess the viability of expanding into the Brazilian market, your business will benefit from a proven methodology that’s based on:

  • Mega Trend, Sub-Trend, and Industrial Trend Analysis
  • Market Segmentation and Product Identification
  • Target Market and Product/Price Analysis
  • Business Plan and Strategy Consultation