Frequently Asked Questions

You will need the help of the Central Bank of Brazil when you need to:
● Obtain the CNPJ of the foreign partner
● To register in the Foreign Investment of Brazil
● To obtain Electronic Declaratory Registry of Direct Foreign Investment (RDE-IED Number)
● Corresponding to the Foreign Investor/ Brazilian Company pairing through the Information System of the Central Bank of Brazil (SISBACEN)
● When you reinvest your earnings
● With capital contribution through the import of goods without exchange coverage (requires registration with the SISBACEN and the Electronic System of Foreign Trade [SISCOMEX])
● When you convert foreign credits to direct investment, into corporate capital of a Brazilian company

Comply with external and internal laws and regulations. Therefore, keeping the company in compliance means complying with the regulations of the regulatory agencies, according to the activities developed by your company, as well as internal regulations, especially those inherent to your internal control.

This obligation is necessary for the operational, fiscal, management and own survival of the company. We are always aware of the legal changes that must be observed for the faithful fulfillment of the company's obligations.