Providing a solid platform for your business to grow

Establish Brazil can help nurture your business through to maturity, avoiding the pitfalls of a foreign market and seizing opportunities in this exciting economy.

Our Key Services:

  • Opening a business (company formation, business registration and obtaining of licenses)
  • Incorporation, opening of subsidiaries and regional offices
  • Market Entry Solutions and Consulting regarding doing business in Brazil.
  • Business acquisitions and mergers, from small to nationwide companies.
  • Investors’ visas and work permits.

Quote me a price for opening/acquiring a business

If you or your company would like to receive a proposal to open a business in Brazil with a quote for our services, please fill out the necessary information, with as much detail as possible about your proposed operation on our RFP.

Starting a Business in Brazil

Starting a Business in Brazil can be a daunting task without the right help. For your business to succeed you must have competent local business contacts.

Brazil’s legal system is much more bureaucratic than most countries; we can help you cut through the red tape. If unprepared, entering the Brazilian is a leap into the unknown due to the peculiar legal, cultural, and especially bureaucratic characteristics of Brazil.

Our Team

At Establish Brazil we have a specialized team of highly professional consultants each with extensive experience and skills in their respective areas working together with highly respected partner companies, self-employed professionals, paralegals and personal assistants to bring you the highest quality business services and solutions. Through our team of consultants and partner companies we can provide you with everything you need for your business to be successful in Brazil. Our consultants are specialists in business start-ups, acquisitions and incubation. The partner companies we work with all have a proven track record of efficient, effective service and customer satisfaction.

How you can open your business in Brazil

While there are on average 15 procedures for the registration of a business in Brazil, we have been able to condense it into 3 steps for our clients

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Startup a business in Brazil