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Trademark Registration

Getting Started with Trademark in Brazil

Starting a Business in Brazil, leading it to the next level and nurturing it through to maturity can be a daunting task, especially if you reached the expansion level and still do not have the full knowledge about the country you are opening market. Thus, if unprepared, it is a leap into the unknown due to the peculiar legal, cultural, and especially bureaucratic characteristics of Brazil.


Document Filing

Document filing & other Bureaucratic services

On the way of your project, you may face some situations that might require special attention. Establish Brazil can make things easier if you need services related to changing ownership or management structure.


In case you need to do some modifications on your Articles of Incorporation.


Interim management and Corporate Secretarial

Interim management & Corporate Secretarial

We offer a wide range of business management services for your company through any of the steps of the process for establishing a company in Brazil.Our extended network of key persons along with our vast experience in the incorporation process in Brazil enables useful shortcuts to optimize time and resources for your business.
All while keeping our clients closely informed of the management status.


Recruitment and Human Resources

Staff Recruitment in Brazil

Local staff are the linchpin of an international expansion--and the face of your business in Brazil. Establish Brazil’s recruitment services help you recruit the best local talent the first time, whether you need customer-facing representatives and country manager or C-level and executive position, and train them to effortlessly translate between your company culture and the Brazilian market.


Accounting, Payroll and Finance

Accounting, Payroll, Finance, Tax, and
Compliance Services in Brazil

Long-term business growth and success in the Brazilian marketplace stem from having a thorough understanding of where your company stands at all times. From accounting to compliance, Establish Brazil offers a complete range of financial and administrative services that allow you to access and consolidate your vital business data, under a single umbrella.