Porto Alegre

It is the capital of the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, located in the southern region of Brazil. The city has a population of almost 1.5 million inhabitants, it has a humid subtropical climate with maximum temperatures of 30潞C and a minimum of 10潞C.

In addition to factors that make Porto Alegre a city among tourist choices, there are also reasons that make it a good investment option, which will be detailed in the topics below.

Trade and Services

The city has a vast workforce qualified in administrative, technical, and scientific activities. In addition, Porto Alegre has a considerable number of malls and small commercial areas under development. On the other hand, the area of services that grows in the region is that of civil construction, due to the measures to reduce bureaucracy that were taken during the year 2020.

Real Estate聽

If you want to invest

Due to the well-being provided by the green areas, the city's real estate market is more valued each year. According to brokers, investments in real estate in the city remained constant even during the covid-19 pandemic, due to the large commercial movement and the flow of people.聽

According to real estate agents, the most profitable neighborhoods for investments are Petropolis, Boa Vista, Menino Deus and Moinhos de vento. The table below details the average prices in these locations.


Purchase prices


Time for income generation


$40.000 - $450.000 (USD)

$170 - $2.400 per month

3-5 months

Boa Vista

$44.000 - $1.100.000 (USD)

$300 - $4.000 per month

4-6 months

Menino Deus

$56.000 - $480.000 (USD)

$156 - $3.600 per month

3-6 months

Moinhos de Vento

$60.000 - 800.000 (USD)

$140 - $3.000 per month

4-7 months

Petr贸polis is a neighborhood that, although predominantly residential, offers shopping centers consisting of bakeries, pharmacies, markets, and schools, in addition to a variety of restaurants.

Boa Vista is highly valued, real estate prices are high due to the great demand in the region, it has residential and commercial buildings. Also, it has green and leisure areas, adding to the commercial concentration.

Menino de Deus is one of the noblest regions of the city. It has luxury properties, with basic services and small shops, which is why it is considered a neighborhood in growing commercial development.

Moinhos de Vento offers good infrastructure in all aspects such as access to the center, commerce, and security. The shopping center is quite present and the establishments are as luxurious as the buildings.

In relation to the classification of time for income generation, it was taken into consideration the proximity of real estate to commercial centers, the daily flow of people, and the strategic positions of easy access to the city center. So, the shorter the time, the faster the revenue generation will be.聽聽聽

If you want housing

Known for its modernity and a rich cultural heritage, since the time of colonization, the city stands out on the national scene as a cultural and economic center. In addition, due to its accelerated development, it is one of the sought-after destinations to live in and according to realtors and the Human Development Index of each neighborhood, the ones that offer the best quality of life are Centro Hist贸rico, Jardim Bot芒nico, Vila Assun莽茫o, and Petr贸polis. Below is the average price of these locations.


Purchase prices


Centro Hist贸rico

$30.000 - $350.000 (USD)

$160 - $1.000 per month

Jardim Bot芒nico

$56.000 - $360.000 (USD)

$130 - $700 per month

Vila Assun莽茫o

$48.400 - $1.300.000 (USD)

$320 - $3.600 per month


$60.000 - $640.000 (USD)

$360 - $1.700 per month

Centro Hist贸rico is made up of buildings, residences, and shops. It offers several leisure and cultural options, such as museums and theaters, in addition to the variety of restaurants with local cuisine.

Jardim Bot芒nico is an option for those who like quieter places, as it is close to green areas that offer outdoor activities. Basically composed of residential buildings, it offers good options for markets, cafeterias, and restaurants.

Vila Assun莽茫o has several squares and well-wooded parks, with options for markets, bars, restaurants, and gyms. Predominantly residential and made up of luxury real estates, it is considered an upscale neighborhood.

Petr贸polis is considered one of the best neighborhoods to live in, as it has a safe environment and a complete infrastructure of services, shops and bars, as well as being close to schools and sights in Porto Alegre, such as Parque Germ芒nia.

How to find a real estate agent?

Real estate investors can find buying agents on websites that offer contacts, such as WhatsApp or email, through these communication channels the real estate agent will pass on more information about economic and luxury real estate, lands, and even condos for sale. However, there may be some communicative difficulties, in which case we can help, facilitate and assist so that this process can be done quickly and practically.聽


As it borders with other South American countries, the city has a great option for hotel investments, due to the constant migration caused by business tourism in the region. There are also always great theater and music shows, art exhibitions, events, fairs, sports, parties and celebrations, and more and more private and public initiatives are investing in this sector.

Urban Mobility

The city has a diversified public transportation system. With about 1,700 buses for 350 lines and with a highway in the center connecting the whole city. In addition, the subway has 22 stations and is 43.4 km long. To complement, the minibuses with a total of 429 vehicles distributed over 31 lines and over 13 stations.