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It is the capital of Tocantins, has a privileged location, in the northern region, right in the center of Brazil.


What's the Real Cost of an Employee?

To hire an employee in Brazil, it’s important to consider that there are some costs involved, such as paid vacations, governmental fees and some other. Most of them, are not amounts that the employee will receive directly every month, but it’s responsibility of the company to save the specific amount or pay it to the government on behalf of the employee.


Brazilian Passport: Live in the paradise by investing little and earning a lot

What about Brazil? It’s obvious that I should make a shameless plug here. I wouldn’t feel too guilty though because it is actually a great alternative to many other countries which offer these paths to citizenship. Gaining permanent residency here is much cheaper than the previously mentioned countries, the necessary investment is the equivalent of around $50,000 and the path to citizenship can take up to 5 years, sometimes less depending on your situation.