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It is the capital of Tocantins, has a privileged location, in the northern region, right in the center of Brazil.

Case Study

Ahmed Barnawi Serviços de Investimento LTDA

Mr. Ahmed started coming to Brazil more often because of this apartment and he felt like he might want to stay for an extended period and didn’t want to depend on a tourist visa for this. Therefore, he has all his investments managed by the legal entity, he has permanent residency status and can stay in Brazil for as long as he wants. He was also the first person in Saudi Arabia to get the permanent residency in Brazil.

Case Study

HEM Consultoria e Suporte LTDA

Since the United Arab Emirate does not provide citizenship and the residency is always connected with your work situation Establish Brazil found that the best option for Mr. Ghassan was to get a permanent residency through investment, so he could invest in fixed income securities in Brazil and live here.

Case Study

Wisam Consultoria LTDA

Wisam is natural from Syria but moved to Antigua & Barbuda around ten years ago. After a visit to Brazil he decided to move his business, which is mainly in the fields of Financial Advisory and Property Investment. This scenario made him take the decision to get an investor visa and get permanent residency by investing in Brazil, which makes him eligible for citizenship and passport within a few years. 


Congresso do meio ambiente

The tenth edition of the largest environmental meeting in Minas Gerais. It happens from the 24th to the 26th of September, in the Cultural Space of URCA.


Expo Noivas & Festas

Expo Noivas & Festas is the biggest events for brides & parties.Absolutely nothing is lacking and it offers completely everything that is wanted for a special event without details.