Family Reunion
How to obtain Residency status for your relatives/family in Brazil

When relocating to another country, one element that is a key fact to individuals that wish to apply for Permanent Residency is to be able to set up in the new home country without any complication regarding legal matters, including the possibility to have his family together with him, in a moment that he will need a support, safety and comfort that only familiar basis can provide to him.

In order to maintain the foreign nationals family unit, the  Brazilian New Immigration Law allows families with foreign members to have an exclusive visa well known as Family Reunion visa, designed for Brazilian legal dependents or foreigners established in Brazil and guarantees them legal residence in the country as well. The beneficiary of the residence permit for the purpose of family reunion may exercise any activity in the country including remunerated, under equal conditions with the Brazilian national, under the terms of the current legislation.

The Family Reunion Visa must be requested by means of proof of family bond with Brazilian citizen, or foreigner. It is the “Chamado” – potuguese term - the foreigner, a major or minor who is in Brazil or abroad, It is the “Chamante” -potuguese term - the Brazilian must have an RG and be of legal age, or if the "chamado" is a foreigner, must have an RNE (permanent, temporary or provisional)

The Brazilian Immigrant legislation in its article 37 predicts that the visa or residence permit for the purpose of family reunion shall be granted to the following eligible categories:

I - spouse or partner, without any discrimination;

II - the child of an immigrant who is the beneficiary of a residence permit, or who has a Brazilian child or an immigrant with a residence permit;

III - ascending, descending to the second degree or brother of Brazilian or immigrant beneficiary of residence permit; or

IV - who has Brazilian under his guardianship or guardian.

Establish Brazil specialist in providing visas for more than a decade will manage the process, accompanying and instructing the family from the beginning with: analysis of the necessary documentation, preparation of the forms of declarations, filling of forms, scheduling, control of the deadlines with the organs of immigration for approval and to the application and obtaining the Visa.

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