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It is the capital of Tocantins, has a privileged location, in the northern region, right in the center of Brazil.


TOP 5: The Best industries sectors to invest in Brazil

Being the ninth biggest economy in the world and the fourth largest country, with a population of 207,1 millions of people, with a large territory and a favorable weather, Brazil have great opportunities of investment and economic development. Check in this article the 5 best industries sectors to invest in Brazil:


Devaluation of the currency and the respective financial opportunities for investing in a paradise

Investing in Brazil is more than you think. Your 500k investment will get you much more than just a visa to paradise. Though Brazil has a young democracy, it's a very solid one and when the country goes through a crisis it shows a strong judiciary and dialog in the society. Nowadays financial investments are so much more than just the trading of money. It means that trade involves construction, infrastructure, agriculture,

Case Study

Saleem Enterprise Holding Eireli

Saleem, who is natural from Pakistan and currently lives in Dubai, is a Financial Controller at Farah Leisure Parks Management (Proud Operator of Ferrari World & Yas Waterworld AbuDhabi). Now, because of the Brazilian permanent residency, Saleem has a place to go when the moment to leave the UAE comes. He’s also in the process of getting a second passport and will apply for his father’s permanent residency as well. His investment (which in a savings account in Brazil) makes him 14% per year. (Reasonably good compared to the 1% he gets in the UAE).



Fi South America is the only event focused on food ingredients in Latin America and one of the most important events in the world for the food and beverage industry. In its 23rd edition, FiSA brings together more than 750 exhibiting brands and 10,893 highly qualified professionals, national and international from 45 countries, as well as debates that will address the main topics currently discussed in the sector.



Enflor - National Meeting of Florists, Wholesalers and Accessories Companies, brings together florists, floral artists, decorators and retailers from all over the country. Garden Fair - Gardening and Landscape Technology Fair, is intended for landscapers, architects, outdoor decorators, real estate entrepreneurs and maintainers of gardens and green areas. The two events are annual and happen simultaneously, in Espaço Ypê, Expoflora Park, in Holambra. The Enflor and Garden Fair events are fundamental steps in working with the retail market and the main mission is to train, professionalize and promote the Flower and Plant Market.



The Brazil shows Brazil is the biggest event of its kind in the North and Northeast, 24 years showing the best in our country for the public of these regions. Happens in Joao Pessoa.