Privi Organics is an Indian multinational company, leading the country in the manufacturing, supplying and exportation of aroma chemicals. The company has a range of over 50 products.


The company was already doing import and export in Brazil, however, there were many small orders which they were not able to fulfill. They wanted to have the option of selling smaller quantity orders and to sell in a short period of time.


The solution that Establish Brazil found was to have a commercial subsidiary and a warehouse for the company. The subsidiary would import the products directly and it would be stored in the warehouse, and therefore they would be able to fulfill the smaller quantity orders in a  shorter time frame. 


Privi Organics have increased their orders dramatically as well as their sales in Brazil, they already have their products stored in their own warehouse, selling at a higher price for a lower cost, allowing them to sell at a larger margin and much more quickly.