Mr. E.G is a businessman from a Southeast Asian country in the Western Pacific which developed a new method to use organic enzymes, therefore after analysing the global market Mr. E.G found out that besides the fact Brazil had a huge and fast-growing market for agriculture, offering a big return of investment in the field, Brazil also could provide him with a strong passport which could allow him to live in every country in South America, plus the opportunity to do business worldwide with more freedom being considered neutral and friendly for all the world.

Thus, Mr. E.G after visiting Brazil also found in the Brazilian cities an opportunity to change his life and create a new future for him together with his family, deciding then to relocate to Brazil.


Mr. E.G had a comfortable life in his country, living with his family in Asia, but he aimed for something different, with peace and safety for him and his family. Therefore, he wished to move to a beautiful and safe place. As well as to find the ideal opportunity to start his organic enzymes business, which could provide him with a Return of investment in a short period of time.


Establish Brazil guided Mr. E.G through the process of becoming a Permanent Resident in Brazil and provided him with the free mind to explore the opportunities related to the agriculture field. Therefore, Mr. E.G chooses to follow the Investor Visa path, meanwhile investing in fixed income market in order to increase his capital while finding the best way to do business in Brazil.

You will see below the summary of the process and steps, done with the operational personnel:

  • Establish Brazil took the opportunity Mr. E.G was in Brazil and accompanied him to the notary's office to register his signature and notarized it in order to speed up any documents signed in the future, without needing to send to the client worldwide through DHL and receiving it back;
  • After the signature recognition, we send the originals (passport and power of attorney) to the CDT (public agency for document registration).

Duration Time: 3 days.

  • After the return of the CDT, the documents were sent to accounting for the register in JUCESP, Receita Federal, Town Hall, Ministry of Labour (INSS e Previd√™ncia).
  • It takes some days to register the members' CPF (requested before the registration of the company, by accounting or client (in Brasil or abroad) and JUCESP.¬†
  • After the register, in around 2 weeks, with the attainment of the CNPJ, the administrator signed a POA, sent by accounting for the attainment of the CCM.¬†

Duration time: 2 weeks

Important to note:: technical delay due to the new online system deployed by JUCESP e-CNPJ (digital certificate): The certificate is mandatory to all companies, active or inactive, since October 2018. 

  • Opening a commercial account (Ita√ļ/Santander)
  • After registering the company in the public agencies, we sent the documents to the bank account manager (Santander) to request opening the commercial account.

Important to note:.: The client usually opts for Santander, because it is better known internationally, but you can choose any bank you desire if you do not want the options Ita√ļ or Santander, where we keep many accounts and the opening process is easier, due our internally contacts and¬†experience with both.

Duration time: 2 weeks. 

  • Exchange account opening (Advanced) and Remittance of capital by the customer:
  • After the checking account in Santander was opened, the Exchange account is registered.¬†

We ask if the client prefers to ship the consignment at one time or in parts, therefore we choose for one time.

Important to note: If it is in one time, is necessary to make 2 registrations  (1 with Advanced and 1 with Banco Bonsucesso, once the maximum limit of advanced is USD 100,00.00).

Duration time: 2 weeks

  • Investor Visa Process - Ministry of Labour:
  • With the documents provided by Establish Brazil, the ones sent by the client signed, and those already in possession previously registered, we started the process. The formulary for the Visa emission in the Brazilian Consulate was sent, and the client presented all relevant his and his family documentation, in about 30 days.
  • The Visa printed on the emission of the CRNM (Carteira de Registro Nacional Migratorio) in Brazil is valid for one year; During this period the client must come to Brazil to obtain the CRNM, and, in 90 days request for the CRNM in the Policia Federal (Federal Police).¬†

Obs.: If you do not come within one year or exceed 90 days once in Brazil, you lose your visa and must start a new process. If you are in Brazil, or you wish the CRNM to be requested directly at the Police Federal, without the need of obtaining the Consular Visa, the client must explicitly specify this request. However, you must have a Tourist Visa to enter the country. 

Duration time: 3 months.

Important to note: The Consulate requests the certificate of Yellow Fever. Each Consulate acts in a different way and may ask for different documents without a pattern.

  • RNE Register Process - Pol√≠cia Federal:
  • We oriented and provided all documents (declarations) of the checklist, that Mr. E.G must present in Policia Federal (Federal Police). After scheduling, once in the country, the client attended to Policia Federal for about two hours and obtained the RNM protocol for him and his family. The period for issuing and withdrawing the MRI is on average up to 180 days (6 months).

Duration time: 3 days. 

Important to note: Sao Paulo/Capital, exists multiple solicitations, not being possible to scheduling for close dates, only for an interval of 2 months. The solution was scheduling in a nearby city where we scheduled for the next day. In that case, Sorocaba, SP.


After the completion of the hired plan by the client and obtainment of residency for undetermined time, the client was satisfied the result and was already elaborating projects for real estate acquisition in Brazil & agricultural business, preparing himself for, according to the new immigration law and the newly created rule, the alteration of the Investor Visa based in business, for Investor Visa based in Real Estate. While Mr. E.G is looking for partners and deciding either if he is going to import, export or fabricate the product he counts on us to allocates his money in fixed income market that grants him a monthly fixed income.

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