Docplanner is the world’s biggest healthcare platform, with local offices in six countries. The company helps patients find a doctor, book a visit and solve any health-related questions and helps doctors save time by managing visits and cut no-shows by half.


Docplanner has a decent market share, however, their main challenge was that many of their clients in Brazil were unable to pay for their services because of the local payment method. Boleto is one of the most common payment methods in Brazil and it can only be used by local companies. Payments in credit card installments is a local structure and a small percentage of Brazilians have international credit cards. Docplanner found that a big percentage of their Brazilian clients were not able to pay them for the services.


Due to their legal international structure, the best approach was to have a subsidiary in Brazil owned by a legal entity to collect the money and facilitate the transfer of funds from Brazil to abroad. 


Currently, Docplanner has a subsidiary in Brazil and they are able to collect payments from their Brazilian clients because they have a local presence and the local entity allowed them to increase their market share by making partnerships with many local companies, including major hospitals, like Sirio-Libanês Hospital.