Florian贸polis is the capital of Santa Catarina, its location is in the south of Brazil. Its landscape is composed of Atlantic Forest, the original vegetation, which is why it has some environmental reserves. The region's climate is classified as a humid subtropical climate, due to the proximity of the sea. The summer temperatures vary between 25潞C and 38潞C, on the other hand, in winter they vary between 6潞C and 11潞C.

A quick history

Before we take a look at the aspects that lead this city to be considered one of the main tourist and investment attractions in Brazil, it is necessary to highlight the history of this land. The Tupi-Guarani indigenous people of the Sambaqui tribe were the first to develop and practice activities such as agriculture, fishing and mollusc collection.

Therefore, these activities are still practiced today and are also part of the eating habits of this place. In the beginning, the natives called the place "Meiembipe", which means mountain along the waterway. Within the historical developments and the arrival of the Portuguese on the island, the name was changed to 鈥淣ossa Senhora do Desterro鈥, until, finally, it was named Florian贸polis, by President Floriano Peixoto, at the beginning of the Brazilian Republic.聽

After a brief historical mention, we will check what makes this city one of the most requested in Brazil and which, according to The New York Times,in 2009, it was considered the best destination in Latin America and the second best city to invest in Brazil, in accordance with the National School of Public Administration.

Tourism-based city

Tourism is the basis of the economy in Florian贸polis.The restrictions on civil construction and commercial expansion are strictly enforced, making some parts remain unique and original, this is a positive point for maintaining culture and, especially, nature. For this reason, it is necessary to invest in tourism based on the infrastructure and sustainability of the city.

The Tourism secretariat, in partnership with Sebrae - SC, has a project called 鈥淔loripa Pr贸-turismo鈥, which supports micro and small companies aimed at investments in tourism, allowing these companies to direct their resources and improve their products and services.聽

The best areas to invest are in the neighborhoods most visited by tourists, as in areas around more than 42 beaches on the island. One of the most popular beaches are Praia da Joaquina and Praia Mole, both are internationally known for their waves, which attract surfers from all around the world. As they are located close to the center, investments in hotels, for example, would be a profitable option for these areas, due to the high demand for temporary dormitories.

High quality of Life

Florian贸polis's Human Development Index (HDP) is one of the highest in Brazil 鈥 0,847. The city has invested more than 135 million in urban mobility and revitalization; it has implanted more than 80 kilometers of cycle paths in order to balance the flow of traffic. In addition, more than 321 million have been earmarked for health, mainly to combat covid-19. Moreover, the purchasing power of this population is higher than the general Brazilian average, and may exceed 4.8 minimum wages. Also, there are different leisure options, opportunities for study and work. With all these positive factors, life expectancy increases every year.

Property investments

. If you want to invest

The safest option to invest is in real estate. One of the most profitable regions, such as Agron么mica and Beira-Mar, are places with a high standard of quality of life, and which are being increasingly valued, due to the growing central trade and lucrative opportunities.聽

The commercial properties range from $12,000 to $60,000 (USD 5,5) in downtown areas, as in the neighborhoods of Trindade,Campeche and Estreito. According to realtors, these areas have an increasing appreciating value, due to their proximity to the urban center.聽

In contrast, in lands for sale near to the beaches, such as Jurer锚, Ingleses and Cacup茅 they vary between $100,000 to $1,400,000 (USD 5,5). These regions are known for being calm and far from the center, these are areas most sought after by tourists. These neighborhoods are not the cheapest, but they are the ones with the highest revenue generation.聽

According to some real estate agents the best places to invest in Florian贸polis are the ones in the table below.

Place Price average Time for income generation
Ingleses $40,000 - $80,000 (USD) 3-5 months
Trindade $32,000 - $55,000 (USD) 4-7 months
Jurer锚 $100,000 - $190,000 (USD) 2-5 months

. If you want housing聽

The economical apartments and houses for sale range from $80,000 to $120,000 (USD 5,5), as in Estreito, Coqueiros and Itacorubi neighborhoods. These locations are close to green parks, restaurants, shops and countless leisure options, and are agitated areas that are always on the move.聽

While in the most expensive parts the real estate ranges from $180,000 to $1,000,000. (USD 5,5). Neighborhoods such as Jurer锚, Jo茫o Paulo and Agron么mica offer calm and tranquility, as they are located closer to the beaches and nature. So, for people who like peaceful places to work at the same time, these are great choices.

How to find a real estate agent ?

You can find real estate agents easily and quickly, simply by searching online, but you may have some difficulties communicating with them and other factors that we can help and assist.聽聽

Information technology (IT)

According to the Urban System ranking of 2020, Florian贸polis is the best city of Brazil to invest in services and what stands out the most is IT (Information Technology), this sector represents 14% of GDP (Gross Domestic Product), according to the City Hall.

Florian贸polis is considered the hub of technology systems, being compared to the United States' Silicon Valley. Therefore, it is not necessary to be located in a rich zone, but rather strategic. IT investments are growing, not only in Florian贸polis, but in the entire Brazilian context, making this a very profitable option.聽

Florian贸polis is a city in incessant growth, with great chances of success in the investments mentioned above, but it must be kept in mind that constant innovations with great social and environmental responsibility will be necessary. Thereby, your business will undoubtedly be prosperous for many years to come.