How to get Permanent Residence through Real Estate Investment in Brazil

Brazil is the largest country in South America, and third in the combined Americas, behind Canada and the United States, ranking a fifth position in the world both in terms of landmass and of the population. Therefore, since November 2017 with the New Migration Law implementation, Brazil has been one of the most searched countries by Foreign nationals willing to invest in Real Estate. One of the reasons for that is the freedom of an egalitarian system allowing any foreign with CPF (Brazil's version of a Social Security Number) to acquire property. 
*Except farms with agriculture purpose that already requires the foreign national to have a permanent residence.

Coupled with the freedom to acquiring property the Market offers a low property devaluation, and even comparing with more volatile investments such as the financial market, acquiring a house, apartment, lot or any other property present a low risky plus a high level of profit. For instance, hypothetically if you have invested a total of R$300.000 thousand to acquire your property, you receive monthly R$ 2,5 thousand for the rent, bringing your rate of return to 0.83% per month, or about 9.9% per year. Besides the fact it brings total stability this type of investment is completely acceptable for Investor Visa purpose.

According to Brazilian legislation, foreign investors have two options of investment: 

In the first situation, R$150K (50.000,00 USD), which requires one of the partners to be a specialist on the technology field. Plus, this entity has to be under at least one of the following requirements:

I. A Company that has received investment, funding or targeted resources to support Government institution of innovation;
II. Being located in the technology park;
III. Be incubated or be undertaking graduate;
IV. Having been a finalist in the government program to support startups; or
V. Have been benefited by startup accelerator programs in Brazil.
If the company cover the minimum needed then it should be approved for the investor visa. You can also buy shares or create a new company under those conditions.

The second option is to invest an amount of R$500K (150.000,00 USD), although the amount is higher on this case you can do any kind of investment you wish to, including invest in Real Estate, keep it in savings accounts (which could generate up to 7.25% per year) or start any kind of activity.

The main difference between both is as the first option is linked to the government, the process does not have a precise due date with total dependence on the government approval to the accelerator program, unless you already have a company which respects those requirements on the mind. Now, the second option you will incorporate the company from zero with the total freedom to select the business purpose.

The process of incorporating a company is very straightforward and usually takes 45 days. Therefore, after everything related to the company is arranged and its right place - as the document preparation, registrations, and bank account opening - it is appropriate for the investor to capitalize the money. The investment will be sent through an Exchange Bank account under your company's name and will be injected into your legal entity commercial bank account, thus it will be registered in the Brazil Central Bank, allowing you to apply for the Investor Visa.

Thereafter, all the documentation obtained in the process will be attached on the government online platform - known as “MIGRANTEWEB” - where the final analysis of the process will happen. In case it is approved, the visa authorization will be sent to the closest Brazilian consulate of the investor country.  Lastly, will be scheduled a meeting at the Brazilian Federal Police, which is required for the investor to come to Brazil. Then he will be able to obtain the RNE - foreign immigrant register - which will allow the investor to obtain the Permanent Residency status. 

On this stage, the Investors may start looking for properties, due to the fact that they will be able to use the company's capital and name to acquire, sell or rent properties.

If you are looking for a low-risk investment and still profitable, as well a country to bring your family or perhaps find opportunities for growing your business into a country with many opportunities, Establish Brazil can guide you through your goal quickly and smoothly. 

Managing the steps of your process, our company can handle since the document preparation to commence the process of providing you with the assistance to purchase your property. All that you need to do is enjoy your new acquisition and come to Brazil once each two years to maintain your permanent resident status.

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