The Transmission Auction No. 2/2017, to be carried out by the National Electric Energy Agency - ANEEL, will generate approximately R $ 9 billion of investments.
The auction will in principle consist of 11 lots, covering the North, Northeast, Southeast and South regions, with approximately 4,919 km of transmission lines and 10,416 mega-volt-amps (MVA) of capacity expansion of transmission facilities.
The winning companies of the Auction will receive the Annual Revenue Allowance (RAP) for the provision of the service from the commercial operation of the developments. The deadlines for the execution of the works vary from 36 to 60 months. And the term of the concessions will be of 30 years, from the signing of the concession contracts.
With the implementation of the project, the government seeks to ensure that the supply of electric energy occurs efficiently and at the lowest possible price for the Brazilian regions. The transmission lines allow, for example, the best use of the hydroelectric reservoirs and the electric energy generated by wind and solar power plants, increasing the quality of the service offered.