What is the event?

Expointer is an agricultural show with national importance in Brazil that occurs every year in the Parque de Exposições Assis Brasil in the city of Esteio, in the metropolitan area of Porto Alegre in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul. It is considered the largest livestock show in Latin America. 

Reasons to attend:

At Expointer, the visitor will have numerous entertainment options. There are more than 400 events and attractions that take place in the State Park of Exhibitions Assis Brasil, in the nine days of fair.

Exposure of 151 breeds of animals Beef cattle, dairy cattle, mixed cattle, buffaloes, horses, sheep, goats, chinchillas and rabbits.

Judgments and auctions of animals Nineteen specific sites for judgments and nine auction sites that highlight the high zootechnical level of the animals. Champions Parade The parade of all the animals awarded during the event, is the great inauguration party of Expointer, attended by authorities, foreign representations and the general public.

Show of Machines - The largest national manufacturers of agricultural machinery and implements present their latest launches. Technical demonstrations and test-drive areas of utilities.

Family Agriculture Fair Divulgation and commercialization of products from the colonial cuisine of Rio Grande do Sul, such as breads and cakes, sweets and schimias, salamis, cheeses, preserves, liqueurs and sausages, among other products.

Expoargs - craft exhibition The Rio Grande do Sul Handicraft Exhibition (Expoargs) is the most significant fair for artisans in Rio Grande do Sul, registered and assisted by the Gaúcho do Artesanato Program, which takes place every year at Expointer. Expoargs, coordinated by the Gaucho

Foundation for Labor and Social Action (FGTAS), aims to give visibility to typical regional products made of raw wool, leather and metal, and also reflect the culture of the various ethnicities of the State. More information at Casa do Artesão in Porto Alegre, or at www.fgtas.rs.gov.br or by e-mail artesanato@fgtas.rs.gov.br

Technical Lectures Forums, seminars, courses and lectures with topics always focused on the improvement of agriculture and livestock. Golden Brake Contest The Golden Brake is the most contested functional race between the equine races at the event. The breed Crioula is considered the characteristic race of Rio Grande do Sul. More information on the site www.abccc.com.br or by e-mail abccc@abccc.com.br

Gerdau Best of the Earth Award The Gerdau Melhor da Terra Award is the great award for the agricultural machinery and equipment sector. The award recognizes the best products and academic works of the sector in three categories: Highlight, Novelty and Research and Development. The regulation and information can be obtained at www.melhoresdaterra.com.br

Trophies Associations of Breeders, media, banks, colleges and other institutions have created their own awards in recognition of the quality of agricultural production that is reflected in all sectors exposed. The deliveries of these distinctions became traditional feats of frequent frequency. Cultural Attractions Daily shows of music, dance, folk presentations, presentation of martial bands and typical foods.

Boulevard Located on the covered street of Assis Brasil Park, it comprises an area of 250 meters, of which 1,67 thousand square meters are of built area. The place is a space of leisure, socializing and artistic and cultural manifestations that help to bring thousands of visitors and exhibitors together, guaranteeing comfort and convenience.

Event Date
BR-116, Km 13, s/n
Esteio - RS
Parque Estadual de Exposições Assis Brasil
Secretaria da Agricultura e Pecuária do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul