Steelbro Container Handling Solution is a large scale Australian, container handling company. They noticed a high demand for their products in the Brazilian market due to the lack of rail networks in Brazil. Years ago, despite the fact they didn’t have a local office, they hired a country manager and started remotely selling some equipment to Brazil.


Even after having a country manager for the remote work, the sales were not in the level that Steelbro wished. They found that, although there is a high demand in the Brazilian market, the timing was very important. Due to their model of selling remotely, the products took many months to arrive at their clients. The company identified an attractive opportunity in the city of Santos, which is the main hub for import/export because of its port. Also, by opening a company, getting a radar and importing their own equipment it would become easier and cheaper.


To improve the timing and deliver quickly to their clients, the solution was to open a local entity and to have a local office in Santos. In this scenario of operating in Brazil, they can have their own stock and material to deliver quicker. Since the company is owned by other legal entities, part of the challenge was having a subsidiary owned by the same company. 


Steelbro Brasil LTDA is now a company that has operations in Brazil and an office located in Santos and it was able to reduce the time between the client placing an order and having the order delivered.