Fabricon 2018

What is the event?

The Brazilian Fair of Construction Manufacturers - is the only wholesale fair in the state of products and services aimed at construction, which attracts numerous manufacturers and distributors of products and services to the areas of housing and civil construction in several states such as PR , RS and SP.

Reasons to attend:

45% of the public are experts in the areas which makes the fair efficient in generating business for your company. Throughout 9 years, we formed partnerships with the largest associations and entities, councils and trade unions in the sector. Which gives us the guarantee of receiving your target audience. In the general evaluation of the exhibitors and visitors of the last editions, the note given to the fairs was 4.52 in a range of 0 to 5, that is, an acceptance of more than 90%.

Event Date
R. Alberto Stein, 199 - Velha,
Blumenau-Santa Catarina.
Parque Vila Germanica
Via Pia Eventos