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A comparison of average salaries between Brazil and India

Brazil and India are two of the main emerging countries in the world, also they are part of a economic group called BRICS. Studies show that until 2050, these two countries will be in the top 5 biggest economies of the world. While benchmarking the average salaries in India and Brazil, it is noticeable that there is a great difference between the amount of remuneration in any kind of job position. Check Below some comparisons between the 10 main jobs in Brazil and India.

Legal structure comparison between Brazilian and USA companies

In order to clarify the types of business entity existing in USA and Brazil, and what business structure is suitable for an entrepreneur business plan, this article has the main goal to inform the main structure further details about which one. First we’ll present a Table with the main characteristics which you can check the details right bellow.

Launching your business in Switzerland in 3 Easy steps

When talking about company formation in Switzerland, there are 2 different types of companies: The Public Limited Company (PLC) and Private Limited Company (LTD), with that is for most of us the same as LLCs. In general comparison, PLC and LTD have differences on minimal and maximum amounts of invested capital and shareholding percentage. Check in this article more details about it.

Docplanner Subholdings BV

Docplanner is the world’s biggest healthcare platform, with local offices in six countries. Docplanner found that a big percentage of their Brazilian clients were not able to pay them for the services, therefore EB incorporates a subsidiary in Brazil to them so they are able to collect payments from their Brazilian clients.

Steelbro Brasil LTDA

Steelbro Container Handling Solution is a large scale Australian, container handling company. They noticed a high demand for their products in the Brazilian market due to the lack of rail networks in Brazil. To improve the timing and deliver quickly to their clients, the solution was to open a local entity and to have a local office in Santos.

Amigo Tours Turismo LTDA

Establish Brazil introduced a solution of having a presence in major cities and by them having a full presence, they were able to control and provide high-quality service to their client at a reduced cost. Amigo Tours currently has full operations in Brazil’s major tourist city, Rio de Janeiro, and provides high-quality services on the ground. The process was carried out with minimum bureaucracy, so they could focus on their business.

Brazil open opportunities to chinese companies in the solar energy field.

In the last years, chinese companies has founded a range diversity investment opportunities in Brazil. Thus, a millionaire chinese company providing infrastructure construction services called Powerchina group reached an agreement with Brazil to build large solar plants bringing US$307 million to Mato Grosso state. In addition to that, in the next five years different chinese companies are planning to invest more than 5 billion reais (US$1.5 billion) in various power production projects using biomass and solar energy. The text published in CLBrief recalls that China is one of the world’s main producers of solar panels, where three of the five largest companies in the sector are located. In the 2015 to 2021 period China is expected to account for 36% of the total solar energy production capacity on the planet. Beyond the Chinese spectacular growth, international agreements can be beneficial for both sides, as it is a path to Sharing R&D, Development Technology, Create jobs and Reduce environmental damage through using renewable resources energy.

'Brazil is back in business,' President Temer tells World Economic Forum

DAVOS, Switzerland — Brazilian President Michel Temer urged the industry giants at the World Economic Forum to invest in his country despite its falling credit rating, by promising tax reform, efficient bureaucracy and fiscal responsibility.

“Brazil is back in business,” Temer said Wednesday. “Do invest in Brazil and you shall not regret it.”

Brazil’s fiscal crisis began in 2015 and the country has suffered from a high unemployment rate and a deep budget deficit. Two weeks ago, the ratings agency S&P downgraded Brazil’s credit rating from BB to BB-.

Experts: Chinese Investment Flowing into Brazil ‘Like a Tsunami’

WASHINGTON, DC – China’s investment in Brazil, the largest country in Latin America, has been growing by the year, largely under the radar of the United States, according to two experts.

Chinese foreign direct investment in Brazil grew 37 percent between 2010 and 2016, said Andre Soares, counselor at Inter-American Development Bank, at a discussion at the George Washington University’s Elliot School on Monday.