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Representative Office in Brazil: A solution to your business expansion

Having a representative office in Brazil is a solution for international businessmen looking forward to doing business abroad. Unlike a limited liability entity, it allows you to avoid spending on capital since there is no investment capital requirement. Hiring a local sales Representative in Brazil also helps you to avoid wasting your time since it allows you to experiment in the market until you decide to establish a company. 


Top 6 Entrepreneurship Trends for 2019

To set yourself apart from the competition and to create competitive differentials in new business it is necessary to look not only for high demand products and services but also for new tendencies/trends (future perspectives) that are influenced by several factors, such as market development, consumer habits, and customs, and technological advances.


International PEO: a comparison between four spheres (Brazil, China, UK, Germany)

The PEO (professional employer organization) service is an outsourcing firm which provides services to small and medium-sized businesses. Basically, a PEO is a company itself, focused specifically on business tasks like health insurance, benefits, HR,  tax administration, compliance, payroll, and many other services. The partnership of a PEO and any business is called co-employment, and the business’s employees also become the PEO company employees allowing business to offset some of its liabilities.


How to protect your brand in Brazil?

Intellectual-property is a concept that covers the inventions in all fields of human activity, scientific discoveries, industrial designs, industrial, commercial and service marks, as well as commercial firms and trade names, protection against unfair competition. In the whole world, different in each country, we have laws that regulate these creations. The purpose is to encourage the invention of a large variety of intellectual goods. This gives economic incentive for their creation because it allows people to profit from the information and intellectual goods they create.


The effects of New Immigration Law on brazilian scenario

The New Immigration Law 13.445/2017 went into effect November 2017 succeeding formally the Statute of Foreigner Statute Law’ (Law 6.815/1980) from 1980, in outline the new legislation has established a new legal system for foreigners in Brazil, created new types and characteristics for allowable visas, extended the coverage stipulations for the temporary visa, introduced a new authorization for residence and equalized in terms of rights the status of a immigrant and national in the country.


PEO: A solution for hiring without having an incorporated Legal Entity in Brazil.

If you decided to expand your business to Brazil you already know that expanding globally is not a simple task, and besides the fact Brazil overhauled the UK to be the world’s sixth largest economy and, in the next decade, is envisioned to rise to fifth, It's still one of the most bureaucratic countries in the world.


Legal structure comparison between Brazilian and USA companies

In order to clarify the types of business entity existing in USA and Brazil, and what business structure is suitable for an entrepreneur business plan, this article has the main goal to inform the main structure further details about which one. First we’ll present a Table with the main characteristics which you can check the details right bellow.


TOP 5: The Best industries sectors to invest in Brazil

Being the ninth biggest economy in the world and the fourth largest country, with a population of 207,1 millions of people, with a large territory and a favorable weather, Brazil have great opportunities of investment and economic development. Check in this article the 5 best industries sectors to invest in Brazil:


China Homelife Brazil

The largest network event with Chinese suppliers in the world, held from September 19 to 21 at the Sao Paulo Expo Convention & Exhibition Center in Sao Paulo, SP.