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Devaluation of the currency and the respective financial opportunities for investing in a paradise

Investing in Brazil is more than you think. Your 500k investment will get you much more than just a visa to paradise. Though Brazil has a young democracy, it's a very solid one and when the country goes through a crisis it shows a strong judiciary and dialog in the society. Nowadays financial investments are so much more than just the trading of money. It means that trade involves construction, infrastructure, agriculture, commodities and stocks of all types of all existing services. As Brazil is an emerging market many investment needs are still current. That means it's a real investment paradise. But it's not only demand that makes Brazil a very special place to invest, Brazil has 200 million people which means more than the quantity of people in France, Germany and United Kingdom combined. This creates lots of possibilities to consume. And for example: stocks related to infrastructure are safe even in the worse crises possible. Speaking of investments, Brazil's the ninth major producer of oil, second major producer of beef and third major producer of steel ore. All of this not only makes Brazil strong but shows it's potential. Currently Brazil has a big trade surplus which means that investment should rise suddenly, not only investments, but also the Real, Brazil's currency. Brazil is having a really terrible time involving political scandals so large that one man has received 100 million in bribes.  The political crisis affected Brazilian GDP, Brazilian currency and Brazilian Companies. The problem Brazil is going through can also be called opportunity. If we just take a look at the whole scenario, inflation has been curbed from 8% to 3%, interest fell from 12% to 9.5% and it's still possible that it will fall more. All this creates a wonderful investment opportunity. Once the Real gets to its lowest price, at this time, this turns into a wonderful moment of cheap things, it means the perfect association of low price in the companies and in Real which makes it possible to buy cheaper and you just wait a relatively short time to have the value increased, also reinforced by the exchange.  When things settle down better in Brazil, when a large quantity of dollars enter, and when prices become stable, local currency will appreciate more, making your capital more valuable.

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