Work Permit Visa
Frequently Asked Questions

Unless your host country is part of Mercosul agreement, you will need a Work Permit.

After receiving the necessary documentation to proceed, it takes approximately 2 months.

It could be until 2 years, but It is possible to request an extension for 2 years or even alteration to a permanent Visa.
Note that Technical Visa is valid for 90 days to 1 year.

In order to apply for the Work Visa you must to have a company sponsoring your visa as we will need to present a letter to the Ministry of Labor.

The list of available Work Visas is quite lengthy, and determining the correct one will be dependent on a variety of factors. The most common types are:

  • Temporary Work Visa with Brazilian Employment Agreement:

This type of work visa is intended for foreigners that are engaged in remunerated activities in a Brazilian company. Also, it is required to execute a local Labor Contract valid for up to 2 (two) years, renewable for another 2 years. An employment relationship is established between the parties and the company must comply with Brazilian labor and social security law.

  • Temporary Technical Visa with Foreign Employment Agreement:

In order to provide technical service, the foreigner continues to be the foreign company’s employee, without an employment bond with the Brazilian company, thus­ there is no control on how the person is paid or employed. This type of work visa is authorized based on a Transfer of Technology, Technical Assistance or Technical Cooperation Agreement executed by and between the Brazilian company and the foreign company, in addition to the submission of a detailed Training Plan. The visa is valid for 1 (one) year and is renewable for an additional year. Administrative, financial and managerial activities are not considered to be technical assistance.

  • Temporary Technical Visa for 90 days:

In order to provide short-term technical services, we have a more simplified work visa, for a period of 90 days and cannot be extended. This is usually granted in emergency situations. The new Resolution provides that the Visa must be requested directly to the Brazilian Consulate abroad without any involvement of the Brazilian Ministry of Labour, so the processing time was reduced. Please note that individuals in executive, administrative or financial roles are not entitled to this visa.

Generally, they do not. An individual who enters Brazil as a tourist must exit the country with the same status. This means that tourists are not permitted to change a visa from one type to another during his/her stay in the country. A possible employer must initiate the application of a Work Permit in behalf of the applicant. Once approved, the applicant must leave Brazil and go back to his country of origin, where he/she can claim his/her Work Visa through the Brazilian Consulate.

The Work Visa a permanent status for the main application, therefore the visa holder is allowed to bring dependants.

Are considered dependants:

  • Unmarried children, under 18 years of age or older who are proven to be unable to provide for themselves;

  • Ascendants or descendants, when an effective need for support by the interested party is demonstrated;

  • A brother, grandson or great-grandson is orphaned, unmarried and under 18 years of age, or at any age when proven incapable of providing for himself;

  • Spouse or partner, in a stable union, without distinction of sex, Brazilian citizen or temporary or permanent foreigner in Brazil.

Yes. According to the legal status of foreigners, issued on 10 May 2016, dependants (over 16 years of age) of temporary work visa holders will automatically be granted a visa that allows them to work in Brazil.