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3 Easy Steps For Incorporation in Switzerland

When talking about company formation in Switzerland, there are 2 different types of companies: The Public Limited Company (PLC) and Private Limited Company (LTD), with that is for most of us the same as LLCs. In general comparison, PLC and LTD have differences on minimal and maximum amounts of invested capital and shareholding percentage. You may need speak with the local service provider to found which one is the best for your case. But, one important thing that you must have knowledge of is, that your company MUST have domiciled swiss person as a shareholder(s) or as a director. Steps to follow for the incorporation in Switzerland: [...]

Italy: Legal Document Preparation

To start the process of incorporating a company owned by foreigners in Italy, it is necessary to put together some documents of the shareholder(s), director(s) and prepare the official incorporation documents for the company to be opened. Below there is a list of documents required for the process of company incorporation in Italy: [...]