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Why recruit in Brazil?

A university education is increasingly becoming more of a reality for millions of Brazilians due to a growing economy and increased spending power. The number of students enrolled in Brazilian universities is expected to reach 10 million by next year, according to a market report from the US government and, unsurprisingly, there is a growing trend of Brazilians seeking their education overseas.  Understanding this market is crucial for those working with international student recruitment.

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Getting a Brazilian Investor Visa

Do you want to get a Brazilian investor visa but have fears of tackling the country’s famed bureaucracy? Fear not, the process of obtaining an investor visa, contrary to what many might think, is actually not an over-the-top stressful, pull your hair out type of procedure. It is a relatively straightforward, albeit more expensive alternative to getting permanent residency in the country.

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Class Divide - Education Inequality in Brazil

Brazil is a country of stark differences and nowhere is this more evident than in the classroom. It should come as no surprise that in a country of massive income inequality, inequality of education is pronounced as well. It is no secret that children in private schools in Brazil perform better in academic fields. But is this increased performance because private schools are simply better?

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