Registration & Homologation

Registration and Homologations

We understand that dealing with Government Entities can be complex sometimes. Our team has assisted many clients on Registration & Homologation. With our expertise on this matter, we definitely can make everything easier for you and for your business.

Office In Office

Tailor made, low cost virtual office solutions

Establish Brazil has the connections to provide you with a range of virtual office solutions with varying levels of service and pricing options all over Brazil.

These virtual office solutions will drastically reduce the costs of your small or start-up business, or representative office.

Immigration Services

Visas and Immigration Services

The Brazilian Visa is the foundation for foreign business success in Brazil. But completing the visa process demands a thorough knowledge of the many laws, requirements, and protocols involved. With its policy of reciprocity, Brazil’s visa availability – and the conditions for obtaining one – can vary greatly. Establish Brazil’s expert team of immigration lawyers and consultants are your key to acquiring a visa faster, and with greater chance of success.

Business Incubator & Local Representation

Make a presence with a Local Representation

In some circumstances, sustaining the increased overheads of having to open a Brazilian company may not be viable for a company entering the Brazilian market. Instead, it may be an advantage to simply have a representative team on the ground. This is particularly the case for companies that want to conduct international sales into Brazil or establish trading and distribution partners.