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How to get Permanent Residence through Real Estate Investment in Brazil

Brazil is the largest country in South America, and third in the combined Americas, behind Canada and the United States, ranking a fifth position in the world both in terms of landmass and of the population. Therefore, since November 2017 with the New Migration Law implementation, Brazil has been one of the most searched countries by Foreign nationals willing to invest in Real Estate. One of the reasons for that is the freedom of an egalitarian system allowing any foreign with CPF (Brazil's version of a Social Security Number) to acquire property. 

Case Study

GSHK Groups

The leader in the manufacturing of CIGS flexible thin-film solar panels, GSHK group is known to set the standards for integration of solar into innovative applications. With a range of products from portable solar chargers and building solutions (BIPV) to military applications and emerging innovations. GSHK manufactures Copper Indium Gallium DiSelenide (CIGS) by using state-of-the-art, controlled co-evaporation and the thinnest stainless-steel substrate possible to create flexible and lightweight thin-film PV products for use in any application.

Case Study

Saleem Enterprise Holding Eireli

Saleem, who is natural from Pakistan and currently lives in Dubai, is a Financial Controller at Farah Leisure Parks Management (Proud Operator of Ferrari World & Yas Waterworld AbuDhabi). Now, because of the Brazilian permanent residency, Saleem has a place to go when the moment to leave the UAE comes. He’s also in the process of getting a second passport and will apply for his father’s permanent residency as well. His investment (which in a savings account in Brazil) makes him 14% per year. (Reasonably good compared to the 1% he gets in the UAE).



Fi South America is the only event focused on food ingredients in Latin America and one of the most important events in the world for the food and beverage industry. In its 23rd edition, FiSA brings together more than 750 exhibiting brands and 10,893 highly qualified professionals, national and international from 45 countries, as well as debates that will address the main topics currently discussed in the sector.



WITH EMPHASIS IN TECHNOLOGY OF TIP THE MEC SHOW ATTRACTS INFLUENT PROFESSIONALS AND WITH HIGH POWER OF PURCHASE, THAT LOOK FOR DURING THE THREE DAYS, TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCES OF THE DIFFERENT NICHOS OF THE INDUSTRY. The profile of visitors is composed of the following structure: Companies dedicated to the contracting and commercialization of products and services of the industrial sector; Suppliers of inputs, machines, equipment, tools, labor and services; Companies that are part of the metalworking production chain, oil / gas, naval, mining, steel, pulp, port, among others; Entities and bodies for development, education, sustainable development and support



The Feira Ponta de Estoque de Resende, an event that arose in 2010 by the company Look Mídia with the support of the Municipality of Resende and the CDL (Resende shopkeepers' association), aims to develop local commerce, creating opportunities for entrepreneurs as well as the general public, as well as encouraging artists and craftsmen in the cultural area (Space of Art, dance and popular music).



Considered the largest trade fair in the wholesale and retail sector in the North and Northeast and the third largest in the country, it is held at the Pernambuco Convention Center in Olinda, PE, on September 24-25


China Homelife Brazil

The largest network event with Chinese suppliers in the world, held from September 19 to 21 at the Sao Paulo Expo Convention & Exhibition Center in Sao Paulo, SP.



Fish Industry Fair More than a Fair, the event that promotes contact between buyers and suppliers and generates business for the future of the Brazilian fish industry. It happens at Sao Paulo Expo, in Sao Paulo, SP. The 2019 event took place on 15-17 September



International Logistics Fair, takes place in Jundiaí / SP, 30 kilometers from the city of São Paulo. The event promises to move the market. In its 7th Edition, Brasil Log brings together about 50 exhibitors from all sectors that encompass the logistics universe, from specialized labor to freight handling and other services.