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Representative Office in Brazil: A solution to your business expansion

Having a representative office in Brazil is a solution for international businessmen looking forward to doing business abroad. Unlike a limited liability entity, it allows you to avoid spending on capital since there is no investment capital requirement. Hiring a local sales Representative in Brazil also helps you to avoid wasting your time since it allows you to experiment in the market until you decide to establish a company. 

Legal structure comparison between Brazilian and USA companies

In order to clarify the types of business entity existing in USA and Brazil, and what business structure is suitable for an entrepreneur business plan, this article has the main goal to inform the main structure further details about which one. First we’ll present a Table with the main characteristics which you can check the details right bellow.

TOP 5: The Best industries sectors to invest in Brazil

Being the ninth biggest economy in the world and the fourth largest country, with a population of 207,1 millions of people, with a large territory and a favorable weather, Brazil have great opportunities of investment and economic development. Check in this article the 5 best industries sectors to invest in Brazil:

Educational sector: An amazing opportunity to invest your money

A university education is increasingly becoming more of a reality for millions of Brazilians due to a growing economy and increased spending power. The number of students enrolled in Brazilian universities is expected to reach 10 million by next year, according to a market report from the US government and, unsurprisingly, there is a growing trend of Brazilians seeking their education overseas.  Understanding this market is crucial for those working with international student recruitment.

How to get a Permanent Resident in the most welcoming country

How important is the hospitality of a people when deciding which country to move to? It may or may not be a deciding factor depending on the circumstances. However, regardless of its weight on a decision, hospitality can make the assimilation process much easier. One of the destinations for these migrants is Brazil and something that Brazilians like to pride themselves on is their hospitality towards foreigners. It’s all too natural for most Brazilian to be willing to lend a helping hand to foreigners in their country. They are very communicative with foreigners and are always concerned with trying to make them feel welcomed.

Conexao Farma

What is the Event:

In 2018, the event will be held at São Paulo Expo providing all participants with more comfort in a fully integrated environment favoring a better flow and synergy between exhibition area and lecture spaces.

Reasons to Attend:

This 14th edition of ABRADILAN CONEXÃO FARMA will be the largest and best pharmaceutical trade show in Brazil, which will certainly allow renewing relationships, make great deals and establish interesting and valuable approaches on the current and future perspectives of retail.

Isc Brasil

What is the Event:

ISC Brasil is a most important Trade Show and Conference of the entire security industry. Focused on the latest advances in security products, solutions and solutions, ISC Brasil will bring exhibitors and visitors an event dedicated to one of the fastest growing markets in the world. The event will bring together top-level buyers from Brazil with suppliers and international security manufacturers, creating the largest and most productive in contact with the security industry in Brazil.

Reason to Attend:

Expo Revestir

What is the event:

EXPO REVESTIR is synonymous with business, inspiration, trends, technology, and, of course, innovation. And it is in this aspect that the FASHION WEEK OF ARCHITECTURE AND CONSTRUCTION surprises once more by investing in a format that aims to boost business, optimize time and stimulate knowledge. Now the four days of visitation have been divided into two stages for specific and highly qualified audiences who visit the fair. Know more!

Business Day: two intense days for business rounds

Expodireto Cotrijal

What is the Event:

Expodireto Cotrijal is the event that innovates and proposes solutions for agribusiness.

24 Intermodal South America

What is the event:

Intermodal South America is considered by executives of the industry as a strategic platform to do business because it gathers the key players from the national and international markets over the three days of the event, encouraging new business and partnerships. Therefore, the event also works as a platform for launches, strengthening brand awareness, joint ventures, content, sales, and networking.

Reasons to attend:

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