What is the event?

The EXPOMAC - Industry Fair Metal Mechanics Paraná , is the most traditional event of the southern sector of Brazill. Four decades ago, the Expomac, who was also joined ELETRON - Brazilian Fair Electric Industry, Electronics and Industrial Automation - suggests ways on the economic outlook, launches new technologies and discuss concepts with the domestic industry.

Reasons to attend:

The union of the metal mechanical industries, electronics and industrial automation, market demand, follows a global trend of adding fairs dedicated to accommodating customers and suppliers technologies in complementary segments, offering numerous advantages:

  • Concentrated in one place the most prominent names in the industry, products, technology solutions and services.
  • Optimizes resources both of the hundreds of companies in the exhibitor universe of events held at the same time as thousands of climbing professionals to check out the new technologies.
  • Strengthens the local and regional market.
  • Promotes information exchange and professional training, since it allows, with a wider range of technologies, deepen the local supply chain with an immediate impact both technical and economic to manufacturing plants located within direct influence of events.
  • Encourages partnerships as an immediate result of industrial synapses multiplied by direct contact between exhibitors and visitors with hiring potential, subcontracting and/or industrial outsourcing.
  • Displays your brand and products to a wider professional audience, highly professional, opinion leader and purchase decision power.
  • Adds all the facilities in place with complete infrastructure to receive this great mix of industries and visitors, Expotrade Pinhais. With 30,000 m² of exhibition area and ample parking as well as adequate facilities to receive lectures, workshops, courses, seminars and conferences in environments that can accommodate from 60 to 2000 people.
Event Date
Rodovia Deputado Leopoldo Jacomel, 10454
Pinhais - PR
Expotrade Convention Center
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