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A comparison of average salaries between Brazil and India

Brazil and India are two of the main emerging countries in the world, also they are part of a economic group called BRICS. Studies show that until 2050, these two countries will be in the top 5 biggest economies of the world. 
While benchmarking the average salaries in India and Brazil, it is noticeable that there is a great difference between the amount of remuneration in any kind of job position. For example an engineer’s salary: the average salary in Brazil for an engineer is around US$1,481, and in India it is around US$7,728. 
The reason for this disparity is the consideration of the benefits. In India, the salary itself is almost the same amount as the Brazilian one, but the variety of benefits like a Rent Allowance, Travel allowance, Child Education Allowance, makes the salaries in India much higher.

Below are some comparisons between the 10 main jobs in Brazil and India:


   Brazil India
Doctor US$3.295,87 US$2.213,66
Lawyer US$1.236,79 US$794,33
Dentist US$1.054,77 US$407,25
Teacher US$892,86 US$302,75
Administrator US$1.158,23 US$3.254,58
Account Manager US1.911,86 US$748,50
Airplane Pilot US$1.113,52 US$2.604
Sales Manager US$1.523,23 US$1.502
IT and Software Engineers US$1.113,52 US$1.080
HR Manager US$1.743,57 US$798,16


*Salaries without benefits
*Salaries per year


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