We Are a Values-Driven Organization Dedicated to sharing our
Teamwork & Collaboration Strategic Vision Entrepreneurial Spirit Thirst for Learning Focus on Results with you!

We consider integrity, respect, and ethical conduct to be the foundation of our client partnerships. We believe in building trust-based relationships through honesty, transparency, and a desire to exceed client expectations.
Establish Brazil consistently strives to deliver superior quality performance, through the synergy of a team whose self-governance demands the highest professional standards.

Establish Brazil

Establish Brazil is built on one major principle: a business succeeds on the quality and integrity of its relationships. Helping your business establish strong, honest, and mutually beneficial relationships is the cornerstone of our full-service, 360-degree approach to market entry in Brazil.
Every contract we sign is based in our core values: integrity, respect, and ethical conduct. Whether it’s through our stringent vetting process for local partner companies or our commitment to a transparent fee structure, we put the quality of our business relationships first--and pride ourselves on consistently exceeding our client's’ expectations.

Our team of experts and legal advisors guide you through every aspect of building your business to succeed, from crafting feasibility studies and rigorous market research to matchmaking with established Brazilian partners, signing leases, and securing distributors for your product.
We combine our knowledge of Brazil’s unique business environment with years of experience delivering reliable results. No matter the sector, our clients’ satisfaction is our barometer for success, and we take pride in getting the job done right and constantly building our expertise for the next challenge.

Teamwork & Cooperation

Our clients are our partners, and client satisfaction is our measure of success, and we invest a partner’s care in every single project.

Thirst for Learning

We strive to constantly build our expertise, our professional culture of study, research, and careful analysis keeps us on top of changing market conditions--and helps us guide you to tomorrow’s markets.

Focus on Results

We painstakingly curate our list of service partners for a commitment to excellent service at appropriate price points, and recommend only the best to our clients.

Entrepreneurship Spirit

We lead by example and merit, our dedicated leadership team ensures a company culture of dedication, professionalism, and excellence, and we deliver that excellence to you daily.


Who We Are

We are all about convenience. Our clients are our highest priority and we strive to do everything within our power to make their projects in Brazil smooth and seamless. Our highly dedicated team will make sure the job is done and that it is done right.

Bilingual – Bicultural
international employee
Millennials- Generation Y -
Client Focused

Bruno Carnavale IT The newest member of the Information Technology team. Linkedin
Conor Brady Business Development Conor leads the Business Development team and is one of the first points of contact for our clients. Linkedin
Husam ABBOUD Business Development  One of EB's founding members, Husam's execution oriented attitude will guarantee that your Brazil project will be done right. Linkedin
Diego Bezerra IT Diego oversees the company's IT department and is also the author of many of the company's operational systems. Linkedin