How to order

  1. Buyer issues ICPO+Soft Probe with bank endorsed + BCL to the Seller
  2. Seller issues F.C.O. to the buyer
  3. Buyer sign, seal and return the F.C.O. 
  4. Seller Issues Contract to Buyer
  5. Buyer and Seller sign, the Contract
  6. Within 7(seven) banking days after the signature of the Contract buyer’s bank will issue the non Operative SBLC Revolving to Seller’s Bank,Validity 60 days to honour the first shipment
  7. Within maximum 7 (Seven) banking days Sellers bank sends Proof of Product (POP) + PB 2% via swift to Buyer’s Bank to become the SBLC operative
  8. Shipments start as per the agreed schedule between seller & buyer

Payment Terms

  • Payment terms for contract: (SBLC/BG) Stanby Letter of Credit/Bank Guarantee+(ARDLC)-Automatic Revolving, Documentary Letter of Credit-Transferable, Divisible, Irrevocable, Confirmed Or
  • FFRDLC- Fully Funded Revolving Documentary Letter of Credit-Transferable, Divisible, Irrevocable, Confirmed

    Payment terms for spot:L/C At sight-Transferable, Divisible, Irrevocable, Confirmed Or
  • DLC – Documentary Letter of Credit- Transferable, Divisible, Irrevocable, Confirmed Or
  • Payment Terms: Swift MT 103/23

Other details:

  • Performance Bond: Performance Bond 2 % for contract / no P.B for Spot
  • S.G.S.: Report at loading port in Brazil.  Only!