Brazilian Commodities Exportation

Establish Trading disk will source and facilitate the supply of primary goods/ commodities for consumer markets and global exportation. Our suppliers can expertly facilitate freight forwarding and manage the entire transportation process. From the origination and aggregation of products for export from primary producers, we can help at any stage, or all stages, of the buying process.

Agricultural & Animal:

  • soybeans, corn, barley, rape and sunflower seeds/beans
  • pure crude and refined vegetable oils (soybean, corn, sunflowrseed, canola/repeseed oils, peanut, coco nut oils) 
  • all their meals and pellets for animal feeding, 
  • sub products from vegetable oils and meals refining processes
  • crude and bleached beef tallow, raw and refined 
  • raw and fully refined sugar cane, 
  • frozen chickens and parts. 

Steel & Raw Materials:

  • Iron ore fines and iron ore pellets 
  • all grades of charcoal pig iron, 
  • steel square billets, 
  • steel rebars, steel wire rods,  long steel items: angles, channels and 
  • some flat steel items such plates, slabs, coils, etc

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