Serviced Apartments in Brazil

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We use an extensive network of real estate professionals to secure the right accommodation for your needs. Our legal team will make sure the rental or purchase agreement is fair and understood.


  • Find serviced apartments

Fill out our Property Contact Form mentioning serviced apartments and including details such as, preferred location(s), price range, number of bedrooms etc. and we will speak with several reputable real estate agents to find out which have the best serviced apartment options for you. 


  • Review the rental/purchase contract:

If you have found the serviced apartment you want and would like help with the rental/purchase agreement, email us at including details such as, location, value, type of agreement (rental or purchase) and if possible, the name and tax number (CPF or CNPJ) of the person or company letting or selling the serviced apartment. We can then arrange a meeting for you with a property lawyer who will protect your interests help you avoid any unwanted surprises.


Serviced Apartments in Brazil 

If you are looking to rent a furnished, regularly cleaned apartment in Brazil then a serviced apartment is the option for you.

The buildings which contain these serviced apartments generally include amenities such as a swimming pool, gym, sauna, parking space etc.

Ideal for if you are just getting started in Brazil or would just like a low maintenance lifestyle.


We normally work with the areas of Jardins, Bela Vista, Vila Madalena, Pinheiros, Itaim Bibi and Paraiso (central business areas of São Paulo) but can find something for you in another area if required. 


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Accommodation - Renting Serviced Apartments in Brazil

Finding a property owner or estate agent willing to rent a serviced apartment to a foreigner can be quite difficult, this is usually due to the co-signer or "fiador" requirement. A co-signer is usually required to rent a serviced apartment in Brazil. The co-signer generally must own their own property outright, of equal or greater value, in the same state as the property you wish to rent. The co-signer may loose their property if the tenant does not pay their rent. This combination of factors means there are very few willing and able people to be a co-signer for a rental contract. If you would like help to meet the requirements, such as a co-signer, contact us for a consultation or more information.


Accommodation - Buying Serviced Apartments in Brazil


For more information on buying serviced apartments in Brazil, please visit our Buying and Selling Property page.