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Successfully completing a visa process in Brazil requires a strong knowledge of the laws, requirements and protocols involved. To receive a quotation for Investor Visa & Permanent residency Project please fill out the Visa and Business Application Form below and we arrange a free consultation to assess your eligibility for this visa.

Investors visa in Brazil

This Brazilian Investor Visa -which will give you actually a Permanent Residency status similar to U.S Green Cards, and allow you for Brazilian Citizenship and Passport in couple of years if you wish for that- This Visa is for individuals and entrepreneur who invest at least R$150,000 (about $50,000 U.S Dollar) in a Brazilian company (which may or may not include real estate as part of the investment). This amount of investment may vary depending on the number of jobs supplied and the type of business you are operating. Many documents steps will be required in order to apply for an investment visa, as these may change due to country of origin and law changes, please consult with us using the form below on the current requirements.

Brazil Investor’s Visa Step-By-Step


  • Obtaining the Individual Taxpayer Registry (so called CPF, we could obtain it in your behalf if you prefer to do it remotely)

  • Establishing a Company, (you can also acquire a share in an already existing company)

  • Opening a commercial Bank Account

  • Registering yourself and your company with Central bank of Brazil as a Foreign Direct Investment

  • Making the Investment and Capitalization (paying the shares or the initial capital of your legal entity in Brazil)

  • Applying for the Investor Visa (we submit to ministry of labor a business plan on your behalf with all other documents)

  • Obtaining the Visa (which you will get from Brazilian Consulate in any country you want)

  • Registering your entry to Brazil and obtaining your Permanent Resident Card (so called RNE) similar to U.S Green Card

  • Typically we Transfer the company administration by Amending the Articles of Incorporation of your Company for you to become the administrator and director

  • Optional apply for Brazilian Naturalization & obtaining Brazil Citizenship and Passport

From Investor Visa & Permanent Residency To Naturalization & Brazilian Citizenship

Unlike many other countries in which is not possible to obtain a citizenship based on an investment, Brazil allow that, and foreigners can obtain Brazilian Citizenship and Passport after a certain period of time (usually from 1 to 4 years).. the typical process is as following


Investor Visa (First Visit to Brazil) >> Permanent Resident Visa (in couple of years) >> Naturalization >> Brazil Citizenship and Passport


key facts of Brazil Investment Residency & Visa

  • It is a Groups visa and good for all Dependent family members

  • Permanent residency status from investment is valid for the family

  • Take 1 month to obtain the investor visa from time of investment and 3 months from time you start the process

  • The only requirement is investment of R$ 150,000 (less than $50,000 USD)

  • You Could Invest in anything you want or you could leave the money in your bank account with fixed income or typical saving with interest rate +12,5%



At Establish Brazil our team of Expert Immigration Lawyers and Consultants can ensure your visa process is dealt with in the most efficient way while keeping with the exactness required by the bureaucracy of the Brazilian system to ensure your visa application has the maximum chance of approval.


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