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The Brazilian market offers many appealing aspects for both law firms and their clients.


Establish Brazil works in partnership with foreign law firms to provide the best results for both them and their clients. Establish Brazil works very closely with foreign and Brazilian law firms, many of these firms go on to form long term relationships of mutual benefit after working together on projects. Establish Brazil will provide top quality services to your client in Brazil and ensure your interests are not compromised. We also work with foreign law firms that wish to open a branch in Brazil, assisting them to set up their branchsettle in and adjust to the Brazilian market. 


Foreign law firms planning to open a branch of their law firms in Brazil contract Establish Brazil to:

Start a Business in Brazil

Acquire a Business in Brazil

Virtual Office Solutions

Employing Workers



Foreign law firms work with Establish Brazil either as consultants, service providers or partners in the following areas:


Starting a Business in Brazil

Acquiring a Business in Brazil

Labour Law

Tax Consulting

Trading Across Borders

Enforcing Contracts

Buying and Selling Property

Construction Permits




For more information on how Establish Brazil can be of service to your law firm, follow the links above or contact us.