The road less travelled is usually the one most worthwhile taking.


Entrepreneurship is an exciting and demanding way of life. As an entrepreneur you will know that risk is a part of life in the business world, that does not mean that you have to expose yourself to excessive risk. Brazil is one of, if not the most, exciting emerging market to start a business in the world today but can be a mine field of bureaucracy, taxes and overpricing for the unprepared. On the other hand for the entrepreneur Brazil offers extremely high margins and return on investment for those patient and knowledgeable enough to take advantage of its booming economy.


Establish Brazil offers services to guide entrepreneurs from the start-up planning stage to the maximization of profits through expert consulting. Through these services we reduce your risk, tax exposure and time to breakeven point, necessities for the success of any enterprise in an emerging market.  


We offer a multitude of services for the entrepreneur including:

Starting a Business

Acquiring a Business


Virtual Office Solutions

Buying and Selling Property

Renting or Leasing Property

Language Services

Investment Visas

Obtaining Brazilian Documents


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