Trading across borders

"Reducing processing time, tariffs and complications"


Establish Brazil's international trade team is composed of logistics companies, customs agents and tax consultants. Through this team, we can diminish the burden of Brazil's international trade and tax laws.


  • Import products from Brazil

If you would like to import products to your country from Brazil, send us a message using the business contact form, including information about the product and which of the following you would like us to put you in contact with: Suppliers, logistics companies, customs agents.


  • Export products to Brazil

If you would like to export products to Brazil from your country, arrange a consultation including information about the product and which of the following you would like us to put you in contact with in the form: Distributors, market research providers, logistics companies, customs agents.


Trading with Brazil 

Brazil is fast becoming one of the most exciting and lucrative countries to trade with in the world. This is largely due to the opening of the Brazilian market, the quick recovery from the financial crisis and the rapid growth Brazil has seen since. Now is the time to start trading with Brazil, don’t “miss the boat”. Brazil has many attractive deals waiting for both importers and exporters.


Products to Import from Brazil

Besides the well known brazilian exports such as:
Steelmaking materials, Semi-finished iron & steel products, Industrial organic chemicals, Fully built civilian aircraft, Engines & engine parts, Footwear, Finishing materials (e.g. shingles, wallboard), Fuel oil, Stone, sand, cement & lime ..

There are also the Fastest-Growing Brazilian Exports such as:
Oil field drilling equipment & platforms, Industrial organic chemicals, Cotton cloth & fabrics, Military equipment, Civilian aircraft equipment, Precious metals, Agriculture and Horticulture (e.g Coffee, Meat, Acai “Açai”) ..


Exporting Products to Brazil

If you are an exporter, these are some of the products that are presently in demand in Brazil.
Computer accessories, peripherals and parts, Civilian aircraft parts, Organic chemicals, Plastics, Semi-conductors, Chemical fertilizers, Pharmaceutical preparations, Raw cotton, Bodies & chassis for passenger cars

For exporters to Brazil, the Brazilian import taxes are, depending on the products, very high. There are many products, for example, with an import tax rate of 100%. There are ways to avoid paying such high taxes in Brazil for some products e.g. electronic products imported as parts and assembled in Brazil are subject to lower import taxes than ready to use products as Brazilian jobs will be created. In order to take advantage of such business conditions and maximize your profits you will need to consult with a logistics company and either through them or separately a customs agent and tax expert. Establish Brazil will be happy to recommend professionals in these areas should you be interested in exporting to Brazil.


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