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Investing in Brazil

In recent times Brazil has become a much safer place to invest, gone are the days of hyperinflation and political instability. As Brazil has now become a much safer place to invest but the rates of return are still as high as ever Brazil’s risk to return ratio has become amazingly good making it one of the most exciting places to invest in the world today. Proof of this can be seen by the affect of the last financial crisis on Brazil. While it is not immune to crisis, Brazil has experienced many financial problems in the past resulting in tougher regulations that helped it be one of the last into and first out of the last crisis.

Opening a business in Brazil can be very lucrative with many companies enjoying much higher margins than would be possible in the United States or Europe. When investing in Brazil, it is always important to consult with a respectable, English speaking lawyer who will help cut through the bureaucracy and ensure your investment has the lowest risk possible.

Real Estate investments in Brazil carry with them a lot of bureaucracy and could be potentially risky if you don’t do your homework. That shouldn’t discourage you from investing in this exciting real estate market however; these potential problems can easily be avoided by working with excellent real estate agents and lawyers.
The regulatory authority responsible for the regulating of the Brazilian capital market is CVM.  Its function is to assist economic development through providing security and flexibility on the Brazilian capital market which increases company capitalization and the dispersion of prosperity. CVM’s principles for regulation are public interest, the search for operational efficiency and proper allocation in the markets, dependability, the preservation of competitiveness, freedom within which the agents can act and protection of investors in the capital market.


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