Individual Income Tax

"Our consultants will minimize your tax burden" 


  • File a tax declaration

Tax declarations in Brazil are done between January and April. Contact us to arrange a meeting with an accountant who will then file your tax declaration for you.


  • Arrange a consultation on deductions

If you would like to know if and how you can save money on your income tax, arrange a consultation with an accountant to find out how much money you can save.


Personal Income Tax

Individual income tax rates in Brazil range from 0% to 27.5%. As it stands at the moment (August 2010) the threshold for paying taxes in Brazil is about R$16,000 so individuals earning under this amount will not be required to pay taxes. For those earning over this amount, declarations must be made by 8pm April 30th. For more information about tax rates, deductions and declaring your income, you should speak with one of our English speaking accountants.