Employing Workers

"Employ the best people in the most beneficial way for the company"


Our labor lawyers can structure your labor contracts in such a way as to keep you tax obligations low while maintaining your authority over your employees and reducing chances of future litigation.


The partner recruitment agencies and headhunters we work with have proven records of finding the best people for the job and can help find the best for you.


  • Find top quality employees

If you would like us to put you in touch with the best people to find the right employees for your company, contact us with a description of the employee(s) your are looking for and we will put you in touch with the people who will help you fill the position(s).


  • Create a labor contract

Whether you have found an employee and would like to draw up a contract specifically for him/her or would like to create a general service agreement for your company that you can then adapt to future employees, our labor lawyers will keep you in control and help protect you from possible future labor law suits. Fill out our Business Contact Form with details in the comments section and we will get back to arrange a meeting and/or quote you a price for the service.


  • Review an existing labor contract

If your company has already entered into a labor contract with an employee and you would like to have it reviewed for tax or possible liability purposes, request a consultation to arrange a meeting with a labor law specialist. 


Brazilian Labor Law 

Brazilian Labor law is very different to that of most English speaking countries. The law is heavily weighted towards that of the worker while the costs of employing someone in Brazil may appear low at face value, the taxes and mandatory benefits involved can transform it into an extremely high expense for the company if handled incorrectly. It is essential to the success of your company that you consult with a labor and contract law specialist at a law firm before contracting or hiring any person or company in Brazil. At Establish Brazil, we only work with reputable law firms with a proven track record of success, dedication and integrity as well as an excellent understanding of English, international business and the differences between the legal system of Brazil and those of other countries.
There are several ways of contracting or hiring someone in Brazil, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Contact us for a consultation regarding labor law.



A good business needs good people. Inspired leaders, determined managers and hard workers are vital if your business is to become a huge success in any country.

Brazilian labor law is quite complicated and weighs on the side of the employee much more than in most developed countries. It can be quite difficult and costly to remove an underperforming employee once they have been officially contracted, for this reason it is important to get the right people the first time. Through our network of local contacts, headhunters and recruitment agencies we can help you find the right people for your business. This service is usually provided in conjunction with the setting up or acquiring of a business but can be provided as a standalone service upon request.


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