Corporate Tax

"Our consultants will minimize your tax burden" 


Establish Brazil's tax consulting team can help you minimize your exposure to taxes through:


  • Effective structuring of your start-up company
  • Restructuring an existing company that has not been tax optimized
  • More efficient labor relations structures
  • Maximizing the receiving and use of tax credits
  • Consulting regarding industry and activity specific taxes 

I want to reduce the tax burdens of my:

  • Start-up company

Fill out our Business Contact Form with some background information about your proposed or start up company and arrange a meeting to find out how quality tax planning can save you a lot of money long term. See more information about Starting a Business in Brazil


  • Existing company

Request a consultation some background information about your company and arrange a meeting to find out how tax management and planning can save you a lot of money long term. 


Corporate Taxes in Brazil 


The following taxes are payable for Brazilian companies:
IRPJ (federal corporate income tax)
CSLL (federal social contribution on net income)
PIS and COFINS (federal contributions levied on income)
IPI (federal excise tax)
Federal payroll taxes/contributions
ICMS (state taxes on goods and services)
ISS (municipal services tax)

It is important to take the Brazilian tax system into consideration when structuring your company; this is best done by a lawyer in conjunction with an accountant. By taking this precaution, you can avoid paying unnecessarily high tax rates later. If you would like more details about setting up a business visit our page regarding this subject or contact us for an information pack.

For more information on other taxes such as Social Security Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance/Wealth Tax, Municipal/Local Tax and Sales and Services Tax, talk to one of our accountants or ask us to send you an information pack.