Closing a business

"Lightening the burden of company liquidation"


We can help walk you through the difficult process of closing a business. Providing assistance with everything from legal labor and tax advice through to administrative and asset care-taking. 


  • How do I close my business?

If you have a business that you are thinking of closing and would like information on the steps necessary to do so, fill out our business contact form with as much information as possible about the business, especially why you would like to close the business and the number and legal employment status of the employees.


  • Start the process of closing my Business

Provide us with as much information as possible about the business and we will contact you to arrange a meeting with one of our legal team.


The Process of Closing a Business in Brazil


Closing a business in Brazil is much more complicated than you would expect.
The way the law stands at the moment (August 2010) the company has to remain open for more than one year after requesting closure to allow the company to be held responsible for any eventual labor law suit which may arise. For this period, besides lawyers to handle the dissolution of the company you will need a “caretaker” usually an accountant, to fulfill the requirements of the company during this period. It is important to notice that the company will probably still be liable to pay some taxes after the closure request has been made.

If you would like more information about closing a company or need help with the process, please contact us. If you are entering the Brazilian market, ensure you business never has to close by working with a team of professionals dedicated to your success in the Brazilian market. Our consulting team of lawyers, accountants, IT professionals and marketing professionals headed up by a lead consultant with extensive entrepreneurial experience with entering the Brazilian market as a foreigner will help your company reach its maximum potential in this exciting emerging market.


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