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Our partner marketing freelancers and advertising agencies can help you create high yeilding campaigns for your company.


  • Consult with a marketing professional

Not sure how to tackle the Brazilian market? Provide us with as much information as possible about your product/service and how you would like to market it in Brazil, we will then arrange a consultation with a marketing professional who will supply with the necessary information for your campaign.


  • Create a new advertising campaign

Fill out our business contact form, including as much information as possible about your product/service and how you would like to market it in Brazil, we will then pass it on to a few advertising agencies who will prepare preliminary proposals for you to choose from.


  • Adapt an existing campaign to the Brazilian market

Not all advertising transcends cultures. If you have an already successful advertising campaign you would like to adapt to the Brazilian market send us a message through out business contact form with as much information about the campaign as possible, we can then arrange a meeting for you with an appropriate advertising agency or freelancer who will explain how the campaign needs to be adapted to the Brazilian market


Advertising in Brazil 

As you can imagine, doing business in a country with a different culture and language often requires either the adaptation of an existing campaign or the creation of a new campaign altogether. We can introduce you to English speaking account directors of reputable, international advertising firms, whatever your advertising needs may be.

Brazilians consider themselves very creative; this is especially true in the advertising industry. In many cases, they are quite right to hold this view of themselves in the advertising world.  A creative revolution took place in Brazil in the 80s and 90s which has resulted in Brazilian print ads and commercials taking top prizes at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival and other international competitions, a trend which continues until today.


In Brazil, a lot of the stigma regarding “pushing” products on people has not developed as it has in other countries; there is very little resentment towards marketing and the successful companies behind the successful campaigns.




For small start up service providers, pay per click internet advertising can be a good way to go. This of course is not true for all services and target markets.  Many small business people in Brazil have experienced good results from this form of advertising and some find this alone sufficient to the marketing needs of their small business.


Regarding television advertising, the most sought after spots would have to be during the Brazilian soap operas (novellas) and sports games, especially football. Both of these are like a religion in Brazil. Advertising during a football game where the Brazilian national team is playing (especially during the world cup) can do wonders for your company, at a price of course. Supporting or sponsoring one of the regional teams in the Brazilian leagues is more complicated and could even be damaging for your company. As Brazilians support their regional team with such passion, they have a tendency to hate the other teams and look unfavorably upon anything associated with those other teams. Many nationwide companies, such as the beer and alcohol producers steer clear of sponsoring a local team as to not restrict their potential market.

This is just scratching the surface of the advertising mediums available in a country with a developing economy and large population. To explore advertising options for your company, speak with one of our consultants or one of our partner advertising agencies.


Sex, drugs and what sells

The body, sex and sensuality cannot be ignored in Brazilian advertising. Everywhere you look you are bombarded with such images, from the beach to the billboards; the phrase “Sex Sells” has never been truer than in Brazil. Even though Brazil still has many lower class and extremely poor people, it also has one of, if not the highest rate of plastic surgery per capita in the world.


While Brazilians are also used to constantly hearing about violence, it is not common in advertising. One explanation for this is how Brazilians like their advertising, idealistic. The harsh realities of living in a developing country such as violence, corruption and drug use don’t feature much. The Brazilian attitude towards these issues could be seen as - we have to live with it, we don’t want to watch it as well.


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