Acquiring or merging with an already existing Brazilian company

"Facilitating and protecting your investment"


You need to ensure you are protected from potential liabilities and other pitfalls. Through our team we can accompany you through the whole process, minimizing your risk, safeguarding your investment and nurturing the success of your future business.


  • Find a Brazilian Company to Buy

If you are looking for a Brazilian company to buy, please fill out our Business Contact Form, including as much detail about price range, business activity, region etc. in the comments section.


  • Due Diligence

If you have found a company you are interested in acquiring and would like to protect your investment through a thorough due diligence process, please contact us, mentioning a brief description of the company of which you would like due diligence process to be performed in the comments section.


  • Company Valuation

If you have found a company you are interested in acquiring and would like an accurate valuation for a viability study and/or to take to the negotiation table, please fill out our Business Contact Form including a brief description of the company you would like to be valuated in the comments section.


  • Acquire a company in Brazil

If you have found a company you would like to buy and would like to arrange a consultation to discuss the processes and costs involved with one of our account managers, please fill out our Request for Proposal Form including as much information as possible about the business you wish to acquire.


Breaking into the Brazilian Market through an acquisition or merger

One of the easiest ways to break into the Brazilian market is to buy or merge with an existing Brazilian company.

This option has many advantages that can include: acquiring a client base, option to retain quality experienced professionals and an improved credit rating that longer term clients may enjoy from their long term relationship with a Brazilian bank. However you would like to structure the acquisition or merger there will be both a large amount of bureaucracy to deal with and steps such as due diligence that will need to be taken to ensure the security of your investment. It is essential to consult with a law firm before entering into any binding agreement with a Brazilian company to avoid unnecessary risk and misunderstandings. Law firms who work in partnership with us are specialized in this area and can help you navigate this process the most efficient and effective way possible.


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