Brazil Tourist Visas

"Decreasing processing times and increasing chances of approval"

Successfully completing a visa process in Brazil requires a strong knowledge of the laws, requirements and protocols involved.


  • Apply for a Tourist Visa

Establish Brazil does not deal with tourist visas in any way. Some nationalities are required to apply for a tourist visa before entering Brazil and others are not. To find out whether you need to apply for a tourist visa or not, or the requirements for tourist visa application, contact your nearest Brazilian embassy.


Tourist visas for Brazil are generally issued for a period of three months (or less), at the end of this period it is usually possible to extend your tourist visa for another three months. The requirements for the visa extension often change and there are generally few or no English speaking staff working in the foreigner visa office at the Federal Police. I f you would like a translator or paralegal to accompany you to the visa office, contact us for a quote and to arrange a time.