High-level scientists or researchers

"Decreasing processing times and increasing chances of approval"

Successfully completing a visa process in Brazil requires a strong knowledge of the laws, requirements and protocols involved.

Apply for a High-level Scientist or Researcher Visa:

  • For myself

Please fill out the Visa Application Form, including the details of the company you will be working for in the comments section.


  • For my company's employee(s)

Arrange a consultation using the visa form, including the number and position(s) of the employee(s) you wish to apply for a work visa for. 


High-level Scientists or Researchers Visa in Brazil

This visa is available for high-level scientists or researchers working or carrying out research in Brazil. Proof of more than 2 years previous work experience in the science and technology area will generally be required.

Many documents steps will be required in order to apply for a family reunion visa, as these may change due to country of origin and law changes, please consult with us on the current requirements.