INSS/RPA – Self-employed registration/billing

"Taking the hassle out of acquiring documents"


  • Apply for the INSS/RPA

An INSS/RPA can be obtained relatively cheaply from Previdencia Social, which we recommend doing yourself if you have spare time. If, however, you would like a bilingual personal assistant to take care of the application for you, we can recommend you one. The personal assistant's fee for this service for the day is R$100, if you would like this service fill out our Documents Application Form placing INSS/RPA in the comments section.


What is the INSS/RPA?

The Inscrição INSS is required to issue an RPA which is used by self-employed workers in Brazil to bill companies for services rendered. If you are currently or planning to bill a company for such services in this way, we can help you get the INSS subscription, the RPA receipts and show you how to fill them out. Contact us for more details.


Apart from the RPA the other way to bill companies is through a Nota Fiscal (official invoice) these can only be issued by registered companies. For more information about setting up a business in Brazil, click here.